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Cultural Information about Algeria...

Monuments & Attraction

Notre-Dame d’Afrique Cathedral towers above the city of Algiers, overlooking the sea. A blend of Roman and Byzantine architecture, with Moorish influences, it is a magnificent edifice built between 1858 and 1872, when Algeria was occupied by the French. Notre-Dame d’Afrique can be seen on a shoulder of the Bouzareah hills, two kilometres north of the city, in the Bab-El-Oued district.


Algerian Arabic and Berber are the native languages of over 99% of Algerians, with Algerian Arabic spoken by about 90% and Berber by 10%. French, though it has no official status, is still used in media (some newspapers) and education (from primary school), due to Algeria’s colonial history. Read more:

Introduction & Background


Country Information

Algiers, the capital of People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria., is recognised as a dynamic crossroads for the country’s rich cultural diversity. To find out more about Algiers and its attractions, you can explore the official government website: During the rainy season in People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, which generally runs from October to April, the average daytime temperature can vary between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. The climate can vary across the country due to its diverse geography. If you are attending a regional meeting in Algiers, rest assured that many meeting venues are equipped with air conditioning to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. The temperature is generally regulated within a range of 22 to 24 degrees Celsius (72-75 degrees Fahrenheit) to provide a pleasant atmosphere for participants. People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria follows Central European Time (CET) during standard time, which is generally GMT+1, but it is important to note any adjustments linked to daylight saving time. For specific, up-to-date information on People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, its climate and local conditions, it is advisable to refer to official government sources and weather forecast websites.